Remember the lessons

It was to be expected that as soon as the Omicron variant of Covid-19 was identified in South Africa it would very quickly be spotted in other countries around the world. The nature of modern life is that there is extensive travel around the world. So learning that there are cases in the UK already was no surprise. What matters is what we do now and how we deal with the coming months.

People are going to have a range of emotions. Many will be fearful and scared again to venture out of their homes. Others will be defiant as they refuse to accept that restrictions may be needed again. Others will be weary of the continued struggle to deal with the pandemic. How we respond will depend very much on what we have experienced in the past 18 months.

For communicators the message is simple – remember all the things you have learnt during the pandemic and look to the to help you through. It is not unusual for a long running crisis to appear as though it is moving to recovery only to end up moving back into crisis. This is not the situation we faced in March 2020 there is so much we know now that we did not know then. The scientists are already working on a response. The politicians have acted quickly to reduce travel and introduce quarantining.

All communicators can now play their part by providing reassurance to employees, offering advice and support, and encouraging people to take extra care. Just sharing the figures for infection rates and the R number has got boring and has started to lose its meaning. We have to do more than just talk about the numbers. We have to talk about risk, resilience and staying safe. We have to talk about community spirit and helping each other out. We have to talk about collective responsibility to keep people safe.

I have been incredibly frustrated by the many Christmas adverts that talk about ‘nothing will stop us’ having a traditional Christmas. This has only served to raise expectations that nobody could be share could be met. We should be focused on finding safe ways to celebrate Christmas taking account of the changeable world around us. These promotional messages have just made the communicators job 10 times more difficult.

This weekend take some time to relax and recharge for what we may all be facing in the coming weeks. We have managed before and we can manage again. Being alert but not alarmed is an overused phrase but is very accurate for the moment we are in.

If you are concerned about the current situation and want to talk get in touch by emailing

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