What me?

I have been really busy this past few weeks. As a consultant running my own business, there is no complaint in that situation but it has meant I have not prioritised looking after myself. I tried to turn that around when I listened in to a webinar about imposter syndrome run by my friend Emma Ewing. In coaching and mentoring I have heard a lot from people about challenges with how they see themselves. It is also something that I battle with.

Despite being busy, having some amazing clients, receiving great feedback from training and presentations that I do, I still regularly question my ability to be doing what I do. I imagine that suddenly things may be taken away from me and it is frightening. Dealing with these feelings is really important. I said in one of my business coaching sessions that the only thing that is holding me back is me.

There are many ways I try to keep these feelings under control but I can still get caught of guard by my thoughts. What matters at that point is that I do what I can to wrestle back some form of control of my mind. Why wasn’t I asked to do that piece of work? Why hasn’t that person returned my call? Why did no-one comment on that post on social media? Really, does any of this really matter?

What matters is that I keep focused on what I am doing. I look at how I can develop and I recognise when my mind needs to be reined in. More than that I need to look at the positives that I have in my life and that I have achieved. We very easily do something good or exciting only to move on quickly to the next thing and not to savour the moment. When I started the business I kept a jar by the side of my desk and every time something amazing happened I wrote it on a piece of paper and put it in the jar. The idea is that when I have a tough day or my brain is not helping me out I can reach for the jar and remind myself of those great times. Sadly, I have neglected to do that recently.

Tackling imposter syndrome is not something that you do and forget about. It is something that you have to continue to work on day after day. When you don’t think you need to find the positive moments in that day think again. Make these actions part of your daily routine so that when you need to you can call on those reserves of positive moments and thoughts. And I know that when I am busy is a time when I must do these things the most to lift myself up and banish those negative thoughts.

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