When words are not enough

I have struggled with feeling unable to write a blog this week. There is so much pain and suffering whenever the TV is switched on. I can’t adequately find the words to capture the horrific scenes both in Haiti and Afghanistan.

As I watched the news this morning I was again reduced to tears seeing people desperate to protect their families and find a way out of Afghanistan. I will never really understand the true extent of what it feels like to have to flee your home or to be living in constant fear.

Most of us have only experienced short term inconveniences to our lives until the pandemic happened. Covid-19 has been a wake up call to us to remember that life is fragile and we can never know what is around the corner.

There are no comments about crisis communication, disaster management or emergency response that feel worthy of saying at the moment. What matters to me now, as always, are the people caught up in these horrendous situations. Watching a father have to lead his three children back through the Taliban because he doesn’t have the correct paperwork broke my heart. He faces such uncertainty and just wants to protect his family.

My woes are insignificant in comparison. The battle with my failing WiFi, the cold weather, the broken plate, and the achy back are all minor troubles when you watch the news. I have never felt more grateful for what I do have in my life.

Words are just not enough for the people in Haiti and Afghanistan. They need action. I hope that governments around the world will step in and do as much as possible to help. But what can I do to help from my comfortable life? I am still working out what I can do. My contribution will feel so insignificant in the face of the scale of this human suffering. But if we can all do some small things then together they may have a big impact.

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