On the breeze

Walking towards home I could feel the warmth of the sun cooled by the gentle breeze. I had just put my old horse to bed after watching him enjoy some time relaxing in the paddock. Waiting for me at home was my amazing house bunny who had fought through serious illness to still be here.

My diary for the coming months is filling up with work and I have just signed off the first year accounts for my business. Today my Mum and Dad celebrate their emerald wedding anniversary which is 55 years of marriage. As I walk through my beautiful little garden and into the house my partner of 34 years is tidying up.

Why do I tell you all this? A few years ago I was asked what I wanted from life and I said contentment. I wanted to stop and smell the flowers, to get away from feeling as though I was always chasing something, and to enjoy what I have. It has been a challenging few years but as I walked home I knew I had made it.

The past 15 months living with a pandemic has made it many people reassess their lives and what is important . It is a journey I have been on for a few years now.

The recent publication of the first report from the Manchester Arena inquiry will have had a significant affect on so many people whose no lives were changed that night. I was watching some of the coverage late last night and found myself getting very emotional. I can only hope that from the final three reports there is a move to change and to make things better for the future.

We don’t often step back and see the full extent of what we have around us. We don’t often take stock of where we are and where we have come from. It can lead to a feel of dissatisfaction, frustration or restlessness. What we need is to be grateful for what we do have both big and small.

I know I have reached a state of contentment. It doesn’t mean I am not striving to develop the business or that I am not going to get frustrated. But I can see the beauty and joy that is in front of me, and that is the most precious thing.

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