Look beyond the surface

The past 12 months have given us all time to reflect and consider who we are, what we are doing and most importantly what we want to do. I was not surprised to see that there has been such a significant increase in reports of depression. When we stop and step off the hamster wheel of life it can bring up so many questions that we need to answer. I have said many times before that what matters if you are in desperate need is getting the right help.

It also seems that either there has been an increase in people struggling with imposter syndrome or we are feeling more able to talk about it. In the past few months I seem to have had the same conversations with many people who are questioning themselves and their ability. The lack of real contact with people for more than a year must be contributing to how we are viewing ourselves and the world.

We only see the good things that people have in their lives when we are viewing social media, and now the same is happening with our work lives. Everyone else is coping. Everyone else is competent. Everyone else is managing their workload. Everyone else is having a work/life balance and managing things. In reality, we all have our struggles.

What matters is not trying to spend a lot of time working out why we feel this way but to find ways to deal with it and ensure that it doesn’t impact on our lives. The biggest impact it can have is to limit our ambition, and to keep us in what we feel is a safe space. There are many great resources out there and the Internet is full of Ted talks, articles, podcasts and more all talking about the subject. But it is hearing about how people have overcome it, or seeing those who appear to be at the top of their game explain what it means to them, that have been the most beneficial to me.

Why am I writing about this now? Well, despite being busy, having lots of ideas, and wanting to push the business forward I have found myself almost crippled by Imposter Syndrome feelings. Sometimes when we push ourselves and we move outside of that comfortable space then it can allow these feelings to surface. How am I trying to deal with it? I am taking one day at a time, and I am trying to rationalise situations. I am focusing on what I can do rather than what I can’t. I am determined to ensure these feelings will not overtake and define me and what I do.

If you are feeling the same remember you are not alone, everyone has those feelings at some time, and find what works for you to rise above it.

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