Learning from half a century

I woke this morning to the realisation that I have lived for half a century. The big 5 0 has crept up on me. In my head I am still the child with blonde curls, rebellious teenager and the nervous 20 something on her first day at work. Inside I am still all those people.

Like most people, my life has been a series of highs and lows. There have been some jaw-droppingly amazing moments as well as terrifying times where I found myself staring into the abyss. But the great thing is I am still here, still me and still fighting on.

The past two years have been tough. At my lowest point I could see no future but I held on to a dream I had. It was a dream to write a book, to have my own business and to enjoy life again. As I mark this milestone I reflect on the road that has brought me here for good and bad. So what have I learnt from the past 50 years?

I thought I would share 50 key points I feel I have gained throughout my life. One for each year I have enjoyed.

  1. Find something good in every day.
  2. Hold on to your dreams not matter what happens.
  3. Surround yourself with a support network of family and friends who can help you get back up when the worst moments happen.
  4. Be comfortable with who you are.
  5. Contentment is worth more than money, job titles or a feeling of power.
  6. You are enough.
  7. Never be afraid to ask for help when you are struggling.
  8. You are not indestructible.
  9. Never stop learning and being inquisitive.
  10. Spend time in peaceful surroundings, in nature or in some form of meditation.
  11. Plough your own furrow – it is your life no-one else’s.
  12. Find something to do each day that makes you genuinely happy.
  13. Tough times will pass.
  14. It is not the problems that matter but he you overcome them and learn from them.
  15. It is never too late to learn things.
  16. You don’t have to conform to labels that you have been given.
  17. The only thing you can control is yourself.
  18. Make the most of this moment before it is gone.
  19. Be kind to yourself.
  20. Let go of negative emotions they give you nothing and take a lot.
  21. You will start to sound like your parents as you get older so just roll with it.
  22. Remember with life and social media you only see the surface.
  23. Try to keep your resilience topped up for when you really need it.
  24. The simple things really matter.
  25. Animals can bring you so much joy (l would say that as they are such a big part of my life).
  26. Find a way to be creative and do it just for you.
  27. There is so much to be grateful for – try to see it each day.
  28. You can be tough and have emotions.
  29. Wear your scars from life as a reminder of how far you have come.
  30. You have to have the down points to truly enjoy the ups.
  31. Encourage others – life isn’t a race that you have to try and win.
  32. Whatever journey you are on make the most of it as it is more important than the destination.
  33. Try to leave a positive feeling wherever you go.
  34. Family are with you throughout your life so never take them for granted.
  35. Be true to your values.
  36. Be brave and take a leap of faith every once in a while.
  37. Don’t overthink the future and what may happen. It will be wasted energy.
  38. When you are wrong apologise.
  39. Life doesn’t have to always be serious.
  40. Age is just a number.
  41. The final ten are purely from my communication career. Always speak truth to whoever you need to including those in power.
  42. Always think about who you are connecting with first and foremost.
  43. Keep things simple and easy to understand there are no points given for being clever.
  44. Technology can help you but it shouldn’t run you.
  45. Grab opportunities.
  46. Think big and beyond the boundaries.
  47. Commit to continuous professional development.
  48. Know what works and why.
  49. Stepping back and reflecting is essential and helps to keep a perspective on things.
  50. PR and communications is an amazing industry to work in.

I have had a wonderful 50 years and it has at times been a rollercoaster. I say a huge thank you to everyone who has been a part of it or shared it with me. I move positively and with a smile into the future.

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3 Responses to Learning from half a century

  1. Happy birthday, Amanda. Congratulations on this milestone. It sure feels great to gave reached this age. May you continually enjoy everyday of this next decade. Stay safe and blessed


  2. Phil Jewitt says:

    Happy half-century. The fun starts here ;-

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