What next for crisis communication?

People often think of crisis communication as a very static thing. It is the thing that PR and comms professionals don’t want to have to do but realise they have to. There are some key principles but after all it is just about good and effective communication, isn’t it?

I have felt the need to challenge thinking on crisis communication, including my own. People can often forget the key elements of communication when they are dealing with a crisis. They may forget to target the communication, to consider engagement and undertake evaluation. If you read this blog regularly then you will know I am passionate about crisis communication and what it can do to help people. This is why I have launched another series of #crisischat webinars.

The first is looking at the role behaviour change can have in crisis communication and the crisis response. I am very honoured to have the amazing Shayoni Lynn, of Lynn PR, on the session sharing her expertise and putting it into the crisis world. We have seen with Covid-19 how important it is to not just share messages, but gain the confidence which means that people will listen and change what they do.

I saw a previous webinar that Shayoni did and it got me thinking about how crisis communication can move away from being purely a quick response tool. It made me think there had to be more that could be done, particularly with such long running crises as the one we are living through. There are many questions I want to ask Shayoni and I will be hoping those who attend will have many of their own to ask.

The next two webinars in early March will also pick up on current challenges to look at what can be done. They will focus on building resilience when you are in the middle of a crisis. It is easy to talk about what you can do to boost your resilience when you have the luxury of time and space but how can you do it when you are in a crisis? The final one of the trio will be looking at what artificial intelligence can do to help with the crisis communication response and what issues could we face in the future.

We all need to continue to develop whether we are PR officers, internal communicators or crisis communicators. I will be using these sessions to challenge my thinking and consider what the future may hold for the crisis response.

If you would like to attend the first webinar register here https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/can-communication-really-change-behaviour-in-a-crisis-tickets-139195791359

Watch for the dates and details for the future sessions. All webinars are free and I am grateful for the support of those taking part.

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