Singing the blues

Today is supposed to be ‘blue Monday’. I can’t help thinking it is another marketing persons idea perhaps to find a way to sell things. Maybe or maybe not.

It is an opportunity to put the spotlight on mental health and to encourage people to think about this very important subject. More than that I would want it to be a time to focus on the good things we have. It may sound a bit trite but it really does help when you are feeling down. Just try to find a handful of things that you can be grateful for each day. For me I write them down as somehow it makes it feel more real.

I have also found rationing my news watching has also helped. Sky news is no longer constantly on in the background and I let myself watch in the morning, lunchtime and teatime unless there is any reason to watch at another time. It isn’t easy for someone who has spent a lifetime watching the news minute by minute but these are difficult times and require drastic measures.

Almost everyone I have talked to since the start of 2021 is finding things difficult, challenging and more problematic than throughout 2020. Lockdown 3 (for most people) is feeling much tougher. I have seen a lot written about why this is but to be honest I am not bothered why it is I am more concerned with what I, and others, can do about it. How can we turn things around?

I have written about good mental health a few times both before Christmas and during the start of this year. There are many things you can do and it is important to find what works for you. Knowing what works will also help when you need to build your resilience.

One thing that we need to remember on ‘blue Monday’ is that there are a lot of support groups out there, people doing good work to help, and ways to get some assistance if you reach out. That is my one thing I would ask you to take away. If you are struggling you don’t need to do it alone. Make some time for yourself between the home schooling, zoom calls and everything else that is packed in to each day.

My ‘Blue Monday’ was made much brighter with talking to some great clients, focusing on some interesting work this week, and having time with other freelancers on the Monday chat. All of this was what I needed to start the week off the right way. What worked for you today? Let me know your tips for escaping the blues.

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