When you hit rock bottom what next?

When I started 2020 I was in a dark place. My world was in pieces and I really didn’t know what this year was going to bring. All I did know was that I was struggling to deal with each day. I was incredibly fortunate that I was given the help through counselling which over a number of months started to change my perspective. As I was starting to turn things around Covid-19 arrived.

Now in the final weeks of the year I have my own crisis communication consultancy. I have been working with clients around the world. I have had my first book published and I have big plans for the months ahead. The nine months since I started my business have connected me with amazing people who have been supportive, sometimes they have challenged me and have helped me chart my way forward.

This isn’t to say that everything is wonderful. I still worry about things and sometimes I can feel a little low for now reason. But I know that there are lots of people I can go to when things feel tough.

There are lots of trite phrases that are used about things being ‘darkest before the dawn’ or that you have to hit rock bottom before you can bounce back. They often feel like platitudes and things that are said to try and cheer people up when times are difficult. But I believe there is a lot of sense in these sentiments.

I realise how fragile life is and that we all need a helping hand sometimes. Being at the lowest point can spur you on to move forward if you have the right help. The past 12 months have made me more determined to build a brighter future. Having been in a very difficult place I don’t want to be there again and more than that I don’t want other people to be stuck in those dark places. We talk a lot now about mental health and wellbeing but we can do more to make sure the right help is there for other people in the way it was for me.

I end 2020 in a totally different place, a different state of mind and with a new found determination to move forward. This has been a really difficult year facing a pandemic, economic pressures and the loss of a lot of the accepted ways of life. Moving into 2021 is not going to suddenly make this go away but from this low point we can look to building a strong way forward for all.

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1 Response to When you hit rock bottom what next?

  1. Hi Amanda, great to hear you are in a better place. Thanks for the words of hope, we certainly need as much positivity as we can get at the moment.


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