A kind word

There has been a lot spoken about mental health since the arrival of Covid-19. We have all experienced low moods, distress or even depression in some form. It is really important that we continue to talk about it.

My problem is that we need to start acting as well as talking about mental health. I have been quite open about some of the issues I have faced in the past three years. I have written a book for myself about what helped me get through.

I received a huge amount of help including from a local charity that organised counselling. It was so beneficial that I would encourage people to take it up if they are offered it or to seek it out if they need help. Being able to talk through my thoughts with someone neutral who didn’t know me was exactly what I needed to move forward.

The friends that were there for me with a kind word, or who made me leave the house when I didn’t want to, and just made me feel I had not been forgotten were a lifeline. I will always remember the kindness. It helped me more than anyone would expect. Just check in on your friends to check they are ok. It is a simple thing but has a big impact.

My animals helped to give me something to focus on. They would be consistent and wanted nothing but to be looked after. When you feel really low to stroke a dog, cat, rabbit or horse will really help. My horse has been an amazing counsellor just listening to my problems and saying nothing.

To anyone who thinks they are invincible please realise that you are not. Anyone can struggle with their mental health. It is just down to the circumstances that you face. In a crisis it is essential to remember to address the psychological and not just physical issues.

Let’s all just take a bit of time to look out for each other. If anyone needs a friendly ear or just a kind word please get in touch. If you need help ask for it and if it is offered please take it. Looking after your mental health is vitally important.

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