Second wave? Are you ready?

If we thought things would be over within a matter of months then it is time to think again. Covid-19 is showing no likelihood that it will disappear any time soon. In the past six months communicators have been thrown into dealing with a crisis. But now the initial flurry of activity has ended what does the shape of crisis communication look like in the future?

The question is one I will attempt to provide some answer to at my Commshero session on Friday morning (2 Oct 10.15am BST). It is vital that communicators can adapt and develop their ways of working to avoid burning out and finding themselves at the point of collapse. There are some simple ways of working that I believe can be introduced to relieve some of the pressure. If you want to find out more join the Commshero conference session.

With so much work to do it is easy to neglect our own personal development. Some may grab a quick webinar or join an online conference which is alright but what is needed to face the months ahead is more detailed training. Use the information you have or the feeling about where the stress and pressures have been for you in the past months. It is those moments of stress that will highlight where additional development would be beneficial.

Valuing our own training and development is critical all the time and being in the middle of a crisis just intensifies this. It means putting time aside to ensure your continuous professional development. As we are facing huge changes in the way life functions, if you don’t hone your skills you risk being left behind. This is a moment of tremendous change in our lives and in our working lives as professional communicators.

I would urge all communicators to ensure that they have thought about the issues, updated their development plan, and are taking steps to action on the plan.

My concern about this area is why I have been working with P World to create a short four week training programme on crisis communication. It will take place for around three hours each week looking at everything from risk management through to developing a strong recovery. This is a practical course that be beneficial to anyone who feels the past six months has been a whirlwind flurry of activity. This more than just four webinars as there will be discussion, explanation and each week there is a required assignment to complete.

At the end of the four weeks, you should feel more prepared and ready to face Covid-19 or any other crisis that may emerge. If you are interested and wanted to find out more click on the link

Being ready and able to deal with whatever comes next is vital for all communicators and communication teams. And my advice to anyone who is feeling the strain of the continual pressure is ask for help. Value yourself, your welfare and your personal development as without all three you will struggle to give your best.

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