From crisis to change

If you thought that this year was suddenly going to calm down I am afraid I have to break it to you that there is more to come. I don’t just mean that there may be a second wave of Covid-19, although with the figures coming out it certainly seems likely. But the pandemic hasn’t been the only thing we have had to face.

Crises don’t happen neatly one after the other. They arrive at any time, there can be multiple events taking place and all need to be addressed. 2020 has brought Covid-19, Black Lives Matter, an economic crisis and Brexit is looming on the horizon. The first challenge is to respond to the crisis but what happens after that?

After the crisis comes the need to change. The world is going to become increasingly complicated where businesses, organisations and individuals are going to have to be ready to tackle a crisis and transform how they operate or the way they live. Change is an inevitable phase of the crisis communication journey. But as people are weary, stressed out and have been pushed to breaking point during the past six months are they going to be ready for what is ahead?

I have written many times about how communicators have demonstrated what they can do in dealing with the impact of Covid-19. They have helped save lives, protect people and keep people safe. They have kept businesses running, and have helped keep staff informed. It has meant working long days, long weeks and for many little time off. Many bosses have started to recognise the vital, frontline role that communication has at a time of crisis.

The issue now is to build on this and ensure that they continue to see how communication is vital to effective change management. It needs energy, foresight, creativity, and even more resilience to keep moving forward. This challenge will be central to the discussion at the second of the Crisis Chat webinars.

I have brought together change communication experts to talk about the future and to answer the question Is communication missing out on the action at a time of change? You can take part in the free event on 30 September 2020 at 12noon BST by registering here

If you want some hints, tips and to discuss how to face the changes that are coming join me, Trudy Lewis, Director of Lewis Communicate, Chaya Mistry, Director of Humanly, and Jo Twiselton, Director of Twist Consultants to discuss the road ahead.

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