Going through changes

We all know that things will not stay the same. The grey hairs appear. We get lines on our face. People we love leave us. As communicators we make dealing with change a specific part of our work, but in reality we are going through constant changes. It is something we relegate to the back of our minds instead hoping that we can hold on to what we have.

Anyone who follows my ramblings on social media will have seen how topsy-turvy my life has become in the past five months. I set up my business and went self-employed for the first time in my life. I had a book published. I have realised the time is right to sell my horse trailer, which is an acceptance that my 24-year-old equine companion is in the retirement years. It is a lot to comprehend.

In reality it is the last of those things that has caused me the greatest anxiety. Why? I think it is because I have some control over the first two things. The success of the business is in my hands and even despite the impact of Covid-19 I know it is for me to find a way forward. The book is going nowhere. It is written and published which is something that won’t change. Recognising that my horse is aging is something I have been trying to avoid for almost eight years.

Why am I telling you all this? Simple. It is because we talk about managing change all the time, but rarely look at what this means for us in our personal lives. The same principles that we use for effective change communication fit for our home life. First thing is we need to keep talking and that isn’t always easy. The more we talk about what things are like and what it means the more we can come to terms with the situation we face.

We need to be honest with ourselves and for me that means facing up to the change in my own circumstances. If you can use this to get to acceptance then you are moving forward.

Finally, seek the help, advice and guidance of others. This is something I have been doing for some time and even before my business was established. I am extremely grateful to the people who have, and continue to, give me words of advice, encouragement and sometimes a kick.

Change is a constant and the more comfortable we get with it the more we can move forward positively.

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