10 years, still learning

I remember sitting at my laptop nervously looking at the screen on 15 July 2010. I had some thoughts in my head but I wasn’t sure how they would look when they were written down. More than that I had no idea what would happen when I pressed publish and let those words loose on the Internet. So much has changed but at the same time I still have a nervousness every time my cursor hovers over the publish button.

Ten years blogging has been eye opening on lots of levels. To start with when I have been reading back through the many, many blogs I can see it chart the ups and downs of the decade. It also charts the changes in my thoughts as I went from a worried 30 something to a more accepting 40 something. What is clear is that I have become much more comfortable with showing my feelings and emotions, and even in being vulnerable through the words. At its heart this is a blog about all things communication that has grown to be focused on crisis, risk and reputation. But through the years it has also been a commentary on the human condition and dealing with modern life.

When I blogged every day in 2016 I know my Mum used to say she could tell exactly what mood I was in by reading my blog. It didn’t matter what it was about the sentiment would be obvious. I know I have changed a lot in the past five years. There have been some critical moments in my life that have shaped me and the way I view the world. Many of those moments feature in blogs.

One was the blog that I wrote after dealing with the police communication following the Manchester Arena terror attack which I re-read for the first time yesterday. I only recently accepted how much it had affected me and still affects me. There was also a very emotional blog that I wrote when my Mum was seriously ill and had been in hospital. I admit I was unable to read that as I didn’t want to revisit that difficult time.

So what have I learnt from 10 years blogging?

I have a lot to say – even during 2016 when I set myself the challenge of writing a blog every day I never struggled to find a subject to focus on. 

  1. When I put my mind to something I can achieve it – this is such an important point to remember when we are facing such turbulent times. I wanted to start a blog and I have for 10 years, I wanted to blog every day for a year and I did. All I need to do is to focus on what I want to achieve.
  2. Words matter – for me the joy of writing has existed since I wrote some very basic but memorable poetry at primary school. The blog has spurred me on to write my book and to have many others written, part written and in my head.
  3. We are all human – this means we have ups and downs, we have things that go well and things that go less well, all of this is normal. No-one, including me, is invincible and we all need a helping hand at times.
  4. The world is a crazy place – that might seem obvious given everything that we are currently experiencing but I think it has always been the case. That is why there is so much to talk about and write about.
  5. Be honest – just like I tell people when I am working on a crisis or providing crisis communication training, honesty is vital. It is the foundation of communication that reaches the heart not just the head.
  6. Time flies when you are having fun – and it also flies when you aren’t having fun. In short we have a finite amount of time in this world and before you know it 10 years has past and you are writing about a decade in blogs.
  7. Do things you love – you are always at your best when you are doing something that you love. I love to write and I write my blogs mainly for me. There is no purpose or aim so I can be free and more creative.

I am incredibly grateful to everyone who has at any point read, shared or commented on one of my blogs. (See below for a little 10th birthday giveaway) I never expected to be blogging 10 years on, but now I can never imagine being without the opportunity to blog. For as long as it is fun and I enjoy it I will continue.

Phew what a 10 years that was and thank you for sharing it, or part of it, with me.



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