100 days of learning (part 1)

Next week we will reach 100 days since the start of lockdown in March. It has been an unusual and at times surreal experience to have first been forced to stay home and then later to have restrictions on life. But what have we learnt from the time we have had?

This is not going to be a blog about how wonderful lockdown is and how I have been baking, redecorating, gardening and running a business. Dealing with a pandemic is a horrific experience and for many they are have lost loved ones and family members and are still grieving. Whenever I hear the details of the daily deaths and the total I think about every family and person who has been affected.

The time has given people the space to reflect and for me there has been a lot of learning both personally and professionally. This is the first of two blogs that will consider both aspects of my life.

First here are the top five things that I have learnt about myself over the past 100 days.

  1. I don’t need things to survive and be happy. In fact, I really dislike shopping and can think of lots of things that I would rather be doing. I can enjoy my days without needing additional things in my life. Consuming stuff is overrated.
  2. Family and friends are important. I think we all know this, we just forget it and let things get in the way of spending time with those who matter the most.
  3. Enjoy what you have when you have it. Never take things for granted because you never know when they will be gone. We all know this but we forget when we are rushing around.
  4. Connecting with nature is relaxing. Going into the garden, to the park or for a walk has become more significant than ever before. It was an escape from the four walls of our homes.
  5. Technology brings both good and bad. It is up to us to work out which we want to be part of. It is brought me closer to friends and family at a time when I was forced to be apart. But it also can be incredibly divisive if we let it.

This has been a tough 100 days where sometimes I have forgotten what day of the week it actually is. I have been fearful of what may be around the corner. I have longed for what was familiar and comfortable.

I don’t know what the next 100 days will bring but I do know that I will continue to learn and will keep my five lockdown lessons close to me.


Share any of your lockdown lessons, things you have learnt and how they may change your life. 

On Tuesday I will blog my professional learning from 100 days of lockdown.


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