The future is bright

It is Friday. The end of another week and a time when some things started to appear a bit more familiar. Shops are starting to open and businesses are planning for the future. Yet you may feel frustrated, overwhelmed and struggling to deal with the uncertainty that we all face.

Being a communicator through a crisis is a tough place. You can expect to feel exhausted. The pandemic has pushed people to the limit and tested their resilience. It may feel like a difficult place but there is so much that is positive and should be celebrated. Communicators have shown what they can deliver, how they are frontline and where they can take the business.

This is a moment when you need to gather your thoughts and find some time and space to start to plan for the future. Organisations have realised how they can benefit from the leadership shown by communication teams. This can reset your position, forge new relationships, and put you in a strategic position. I truly believe that communicators can step up and help to drive the business change that is needed in these uncertain times.

In my book Crisis Communication Strategies I identify five roles the communicator has in developing the crisis communication approach. They are relevant now to how to support the move to recovery. They are:

  1. Communicators can support the development of organisational strategy.
  2. Communicators can be a critical friend to the CEO faced with leading the crisis response.
  3. Communicators can provide an early warning system to potential crises.
  4. Communicators can guide the business in establishing processes.
  5. Communicators can be the glue that holds together the crisis response.

Apart from the top team, the communication team are likely to be the only part of the business that has seen all aspects of the crisis and response. It means you have a valuable position in seeing the landscape and future that is on the horizon. But unlike the CEO the communicators should have hands on experience of the sentiments towards the business. Put those two together and communicators can be a catalyst to the developments for the future.

This new position and relationship is within grasp. It just needs communicators to have recharged and recovered enough to have the reserves of energy to claim this place. This can be a bright future for PR anc communication.

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