Deep breath…move on

It seems to have caught a few of us by surprise but today is 1 June and we heading to the half way point for 2020. I have heard comments that people hadn’t done what they wanted to, hadn’t achieved things they had planned or haven’t been able to develop. It may feel like that but it isn’t the case.

Living through a global pandemic is a difficult thing. It has taken its toll on us emotionally, socially and financially. If we are sort of keeping things together then that is in itself a major achievement. Anything above that is a bonus. People, in many cases, have been quite amazing in what they have done and that is something to celebrate.

If there were targets and goals set at the start of the year then it really is time to move on. The world has changed. What we thought mattered, was precious, was fixed or had to happen may have been lost. Instead, we have to pick ourselves up, look at what we have learnt and use that to meet the end of 2020 head on.

These are the 10 things that the first half of 2020 has taught me:

  1. People and our relationships are what matters
  2. I can do without lots of material things
  3. Hugs are precious
  4. Do what makes you happy when you can
  5. Treasure those little moments of joy
  6. Support and care for those around you
  7. Little things really do matter
  8. Be easy on yourself when times get tough
  9. Tough times will pass
  10. I am stronger than I think

Crisis response is all about rolling with the changes, taking account of the developments and being as flexible as possible. We are experiencing this now as we try to navigate our way forward. If it feels tough some days and the uncertainty is unsettling then don’t worry it feels it because it is.

This is the life that we have been thrown into this year. A life that has been changing each and every day. A life that is pushing us out of our comfort zone or our comfortable lives. A life that is challenging our thinking.

So as we head towards the mid-point of the year let’s just take a deep breath and move on.

Let me know what your learning points are from what 2020 has given us so far. 

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