Crisis after crisis

You might think that having one crisis to deal with is enough, but life doesn’t always work that way. As everyone is struggling to deal with the Covid-19 crisis and all the turmoil it has created life is still going on. For many businesses and brands this will bring with it other crises and issues that need to be tackled.

Today we have heard that Easyjet has been the subject of a cyber attack and although details are still coming in it is said to have affected 9million people. It comes a day after the European Parliament suffered a cyber attack. During this time of lockdown and social distancing where more and more people are working from home the chances of a cyber attack are increased. It has been reported that people in the UK lost £3.5million in online cyber scams since measures to tackle Covid-19 were put in place.

In late April Fort McMurray in Canada suffered flooding that forced thousands of people to evacuate and leave their homes. Cyclone Amphan is threatening to hit India and Bangladesh tomorrow bringing heavy rains and storm surges.

All these things are reminders that we need to be continually ready to face a crisis and have a crisis communication plan ready to go. It is why debriefs should have been taking place already gathering information about what worked and what could have been improved with the crisis communication implemented in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. Doing a debrief isn’t just for looking at the pandemic response, it will help when the crisis comms plan has to be used again.

It is becoming clear that we will be living with the Covid-19 crisis for some time and this means the likelihood of any business facing a crisis on top of the crisis is very high. I don’t say this to cause fear or to be the voice of negativity, it is just a matter of fact. The weather will bring flood, winds and possibly moorland or forest fires. The criminals will still be operating and affecting people, property and finances. The business may still suffer a loss or some damage as it is starting to get back up and running.

Here are five simple tips to help prepare for a crisis while we are living with a crisis:

  1. Debrief what you have done to respond to Covid-19 and refresh the crisis comms plan now
  2. Check your resources and how you can scale up if something happens
  3. Review your organisations risk register and have your own comms risk register
  4. Use the risk information to do some scenario planning
  5. Don’t panic just be prepared


If you need any help or advice on running a debrief, refreshing a crisis communication plan or preparing for recovery communication get in touch with me at 

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