The road through May

I am not quite sure how it suddenly became May. April all but disappeared in the lockdown and some sunny weather. This is the end of week six for me and my new business venture. There have been some ups and some downs but I am pleased to still be here mapping some plans and finding opportunities for the future.

My ups have come from being able to help people and hopefully do a little problem solving along the way. There is nothing more rewarding than feeling you have been able, in some small way, to make someone’s life a little better or a little easier. It is particularly important while we are all grasping our way through the pandemic. I have always said that it is why many people go into the PR and communication world. There are huge opportunities for seeing how what you do can help people.

The downs are, like most people, linked to the stresses of the way life has to be at the moment. They come from not being able to hug my Mum and Dad, not being able to meet up with friends and from a sense of fear and dread.

There are a few times I have had to give myself a talking to because there is nothing to be gained by dwelling on the problems. Instead, I am mapping out the future communication models, how businesses may start to move towards recovery, and what opportunities there will be in the future. Of course, none of us know what the future will look like, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start to map what matters and what we may want it to look like. It is why I blogged this week about the importance of involving communities in mapping the future. This is a positive step building a sense of hope.

I have talked to lots of people during the week and everyone has been finding their own way of dealing with now and starting to consider the future. I know there will be lots of energy and ideas that start to come through shining a light towards the road towards recovery. We know it isn’t going to be easy but nothing that is worthwhile is ever easy.

May is looking like a busy month for me, and for that I am immensely grateful. There are lots of webinars, online events and work that I am involved with. It starts on Sunday with the publication of my book. Seeing the book published is the achievement of a lifelong dream and it still feels a bit unreal. After two years thinking about it, researching it, writing it and then rewriting it, it will finally exist as a proper book. I could never have imagined what the world would look like when it was published as I started writing it. But I hope that people find it useful, interesting or possibly thought-provoking.

May Day is a celebration of Spring and the new possibilities. I am going to focus on that as the weekend arrives. Whatever you are doing this weekend find a moment to relax and step away from the stresses we face.

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