Moments of joy

I have seen a lot in the media about how people are dealing with the challenges created by living in lockdown. For some they are exercising more or for the first time, some are baking, some are reading. Whatever people are doing they are, as a professor explained on a Radio 4 interview, coming to see time a bit differently.

There are many times when I go is it only Wednesday, or this week has lasted for a month. I am not sure whether I am valuing each moment more, or it is because live has changed so radically.

My lockdown is different to most. I am starting a business and that is occupying all my time. It always was going to occupy all my time so I expected to be sat at the computer for a lot of the day. What I didn’t expect was that all my meetings were going to be held virtually, and that there was going to be such a common language and shared experience with people around the world.

Like most people I cherish the exercise time that I have, which I share each day with my horse. It is like a little moment of sanity in the day. One of the highlights I had this week was CCTV that revealed my horse escaping from the paddock where he should have been quietly eating grass. He was seriously ill around Christmas and with his age I had times we thought he would not be here this year let alone becoming Houdini.

I am attempting to be kind to myself. I am not planning to learn a new language, become a professional chef or drop three dress sizes. Instead, I will find the moments of joy in each and every day. Yesterday, I was on a business related Zoom drop in run by Canada based Centre for Crisis and Risk Communications which was interesting. I expected that but what I didn’t expect was for the meeting to be concluded listening to a violinist from the Calgary Philharmonic play live for us. All I can say is it was amazing.

My five bits of joy from this week are:

  1. My horse becoming Houdini
  2. The private violin recital – thanks to Adriana Lebedovich
  3. Developing plans for the business
  4. Supporting PR professionals through PRCA taskforce
  5. Working as a volunteer to get media coverage for my local Age UK

Let me know what your moments of joy have been this week. Remember they don’t have to be huge as those little things can make a big difference. Have an enjoyable and safe weekend.

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