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We are entering week three of the ‘lockdown’ or social distancing measures whatever you would like to call it. It seems now that every aspect of life has been touched by what we are going through. Strangely some things are becoming more routine, like wearing gloves and a face mask when out, spending money only on the essentials, and seeing the roads empty.

Then there are the times when the enormity of what we are dealing with is brought home, when people can’t spend time with their loved ones, queuing outside the supermarket is the norm, and plans are put on hold. It was with a level of inevitability that I learnt the publication of my book Crisis Communication Strategies was going to be delayed as the publishers have had to stop like many other businesses.

I have blogged before about sharing some of the key elements from the book to help people dealing with the current national and international emergency situation. My first attempt was last week with a section on leadership during a crisis. Now that the book is going to be delayed I am more determined to ensure that I can find a way to help or just share some thoughts with communicators.

In the coming days and weeks I am planning to continue to blog as a way of sharing some of my thoughts and experiences. This is where I need your help. I have a short list of ideas of what may be useful but if you are looking for some guidance or assistance with a particular aspect of the crisis let me know. Tell me what you are keen to find out more about whether it is dealing with well-being, supporting people who are affected by the pandemic, or the move to recovery. I will then be able to share things that are relevant and useful through this blog.

Leave a message on this blog or DM me through Twitter @amandacomms in the next few days.

UPDATE: 4pm 6 April – the publication date has now been restored so the book will be published on 3 May. Please still let me know what you would like in terms of help or guidance as I will continue to share through this blog.

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