Staying well in isolation

There is a lot being written about the communication issues surrounding this national emergency and in recent days about the mental health and wellbeing concerns about the enforced ‘lockdown’. We are all feeling the impact of the social isolation and feeling distanced from loved ones. It is important to seek some form of help or support to get through these difficult days.

One of the positive things that has come from these dark days is the ingenuity of people using technology to get together. For me personally this has also brought opportunities to try new things for my own wellbeing. Yesterday, I stopped work to log on to the Manchester Centre for Buddhist Meditation giving people access to a meditation and an opportunity to connect and ask questions. It was such a fantastic opportunity and I hope that they will appear regularly via Zoom.

I have also been able to access a two-week course on managing stress and anxiety which has already given hints and tips on dealing with the pressure we are all facing. It started on Monday and I am looking forward to the next two weeks of updates. I have also accessed an evening meditation with a teacher that I had previously seen face-to-face. This takes place almost every other day and is 30 or 45 minutes of making sense of the world.

It seems there are lots of ways that you can feel more connected to people and try to improve your mental health and wellbeing. Yes, there are Government documents that have now been published around accessing help and it is vital that there is strong support for those in critical need. But all of us will be affected by the circumstances we currently face. We need to make the most of these opportunities that are being developed to help now and in the future.

My spiritual and mental wellbeing is very well supported during this period of social isolation and distancing. We all need to take time to look after ourselves. Having a good support network is essential but these new opportunities are another way to help in managing this most unusual time in our lives.

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3 Responses to Staying well in isolation

  1. Linda O'Neil says:

    Amanda, sometimes your blog is like meditation itself, it refocuses the miind on what matters. I feel grounded when I read it.


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