With gratitude

There was a sign on the wall of Accident and Emergency as I waited with my mum for her to see the doctor. It read ‘be the reason someone smiles today’.

After 48 hours dealing with a whole range of NHS services I don’t think they needed the reminder. It started with two amazing paramedics that I only know as Dave and Liam who were both caring and understanding of what is not an easy situation.

The A&E doctor who was busy on Sunday morning took the time needed and I found out went to visit my Mum yesterday on the ward she had been moved to. Definitely going beyond anything we would have expected.

Specialists, consultants and doctors have all been a credit to their profession. My mum is very single minded and they have been respectful and caring throughout. This includes the nurse who gave my Mum a hug to help her through a difficult day yesterday.

Knowing my Mum was in such a caring place with the love that was shown made it slightly easier to deal with. We know there is not an easy road ahead but I feel more able to manage the situation knowing these professionals are on hand.

It is easy to take these services for granted – the NHS, police, fire and others. Staffed by amazing people who want to help others even when faced with difficult and sometimes dangerous circumstances. It isn’t glamorous, it isn’t going to earn them a fortune but it is vital work. I remain incredibly proud to be part of the public sector work and hope others take a moment to think about what we are lucky to have.

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