Snow way

In the North West there was quite a lot of snow that helpfully arrived this morning just before rush hour. The usual traffic chaos ensued as people have no ability to devise alternative plans.

We will have lost many working hours this morning as people sat in traffic jams. Yet despite all the technology we have available we often still feel the need to be physically present in work.

It is a mindset we have even though many of us can be productive in a remote working environment. I am sure other countries don’t have the same culture of being seen. But for years we have judged effectiveness on being seen rather than on what is produced.

There are lots of positives about working among colleagues being able to bounce ideas around and to know that you are in touch with what is happening. It also has many drawbacks for those who are easily distracted or are disruptive.

The modern workplace needs to be more flexible than it has ever been. We need to be able to use technology to good effect to help us. We need to create a better work/life balance through flexible working. We need to see productive through achievements.

We survived the snow. Some of us battled and arrived at work and some will have worked from home. Either way we need to use technology to better benefit.

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