Being human

I have many labels that attach to me. I am a daughter, sister and partner. I am a mum to my fur babies. I am a vegan. I am a horse rider and trainee dressage judge. I am a member of police staff and I am a communicator.

All of these labels are right but they are not me. I am so much more than these tags and roles I have. We all are.

I made the trip to London today for a discussion about what 2019 may hold for communicators which had been organised by the PRCA. To get there I had to walk past Parliament and all the pro and anti Brexit protestors and we know that is having a significant impact at the moment. But there is much more for us to wrestle with in the next 12 months.

The stand out for me today was the thoughts that PRCA Chairman Jim Donaldson shared. There were some important words that have strong meaning for me. Confidence that the industry needs to have in what we do and what we can provide for businesses.

Humanity and authenticity were also themes for the morning with a recognition that we need to be real. It means the end of ego run PR businesses and a recognition that staff are people. We can’t label people and think that we have sorted things out. It is crucial that we see the people and not groupings.

The words I took away were that we need to “behave and think like humans”, not PRs or any other tags. I will be taking this with me as we go further into 2019.

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