Five things 2018 gave me

It is the last day of 2018 and a time to look back as well as forward to the 12 months ahead. I have long refused to do the New Years resolution thing but I do want to reflect on what I have learnt from this year.

I have five important messages that the events of 2018 have given me. I share this for anyone who might be interested.

  1. Mindfulness is more than a buzz phrase – all we have is this moment and yet we spend too much time in the past and the future. With the pressure of modern life it is essential we take care of our wellbeing and increase our resilience this means being focused on the ‘now’ more than we do.
  2. Make time for what makes your heart sing – in our busy lives work can take over and overshadow everything else. Ensuring there is a balance is important so you have time to recharge and recover. Spending time doing something that makes you happy will lift your mood.
  3. Take help when it is offered by friends – we all want to feel independent and in control so are often reluctant to take support when it is offered. People are incredibly supportive and those around you are there to help you there is no weakness in taking that assistance.
  4. Grab opportunities when they arise – you never know what is round the corner and 2019 will bring lots of opportunities you just need to be open to seeing them. This year has brought me many opportunities and I have tried to take up as many as possible.
  5. Give back and share when you can – you are unique. What you know is unique to you and can help others. Whether it is work information that can help others or it is a chance to give assistance to someone else, sharing is a great thing.

This has been the usual year of ups and downs. The usual year of laughter and tears. The usual year of arrivals and departures.

What matters is that I have survived it and have taken some valuable lessons forward into 2019.

Happy New Year everyone.

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