‘‘Tis the season…

I admit I am currently not feeling very festive and am struggling to find the Christmas spirit. That doesn’t make me the Grinch just I have a lot of other stuff going on and occupying my thoughts.

This is often a difficulty one of year for people especially if they are on their own or are facing problems. But in the whirlwind we can often forget this and may misread what is happening around us.

We should allow people to deal with the festive season in their own ways whatever they are. We are all individuals and we have our own personal and family traditions.

There are also many thousands of people who will be working across the festive period. From emergency services and doctors and nurses through to human and animal carers and even some journalists. I will be sparing a thought for them all as they give us peace of mind. They allow us all to have our Christmas with the confidence there is help when we need it.

After almost 20 years in police communication it is easy to take it for granted that people continue to work during the holidays. I am enormously grateful to my colleagues who will be working and on call to ensure we can support policing with communication when needed.

We all celebrate Christmas our own way and whether it is on 25 December or later because we are working it doesn’t matter. What matters is that we take some time to be grateful for what we have, to recognise those who support us and to say thank you to people who keep us safe, secure and comfortable.

Merry Christmas to everyone.

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