A moment of reflection

We are all busy. Heading towards Christmas we are rushing to work, to the shops and to parties. There is so much to do we can’t rest we have to get everything done as we aspire to seasonal perfection.

For the past few Christmas times I have talked about the importance of not trying to live up to the perfect Christmas image that is sold to us. But people are still frantically searching for the perfect presents, the perfect decorations and the perfect ingredients.

Christmas is one day. A day to say thank you to those we love; a day to reflect and be grateful fo what we have; and a day to remember and help others. So this weekend I took time out to do those things.

It was in the peace and quiet of a meditation and meeting strong women who were all learning about ways to improve their lives that I found the spirit of the season.

We all face challenges in our lives. There are things we can’t control. What we can do is change the way we look at and approach these challenges. It is how we deal with these difficult times that is important and how we learn and move forward. It doesn’t matter whether these issues are at work or home.

This festive time take a moment to reflect and refocus. Find some support and strength from those quiet moments. Do Christmas your way not the way advertisers sell it to us. Remember the spirit of Christmas and above all enjoy whatever you do.

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