Chilly or warm?

There is a huge buzz around the Iceland Christmas advert that was banned from broadcast because it was too political. If you have t seen it then I am sure you will be in a minority but I would recommend seeking it out.

I personally found it had great impact and took a seemingly gentle approach to a very serious subject. The terrible situation regarding palm oil and orangutans is discussed in many vegan magazines and forums. The advert itself is beautifully constructed and I confess that it brought a tear to my eye.

The big question is whether it was developed for broadcast or was a carefully constructed campaign?

It doesn’t really matter. If it had been broadcast then people would have been talking about it because it is so beautiful and stark at the same time. Although it would not have gathered the interest that it currently has.

Sharing it online is far more productive now as growing numbers of people watch on demand when they want to. If I think it important and worthwhile I can share it with people rather than just talk about it.

Of course the great thing is that it doesn’t feel like a Christmas advert which is important for me because despite my neighbours putting their decorations up today it is far from Christmas time. It is less about overt selling and more about highlighting the businesses values.

Whatever your view of the situation and if it was contrived or not it doesn’t really matter. The aim appears to have been to raise awareness of the impact palm oil has on habitat particularly of the orangutan and ultimately to make people question what they are buying and I suppose to shop where palm oil is not in products.

I love the clever approach that has definitely got people talking.

Do you agree or do you dislike the advert having a ‘good’ message that is preached?

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