It’s not perfect

I adore music. It can accentuate my mood or help to change my state of mind. In such a busy and fast paced world it gives me a way to escape. I also adore singing but I do it badly at home on my own and in the car on my lengthy drives around Greater Manchester.

One song came on my playlist this morning. It was unusual, out of the ordinary and not even a serious track but the lyrics spoke to me. Let me explain.

In recent weeks I have taken to listening to audiobooks and comedy albums. They can help me escape, unwind and just have a laugh. One of these is Tim Minchin the Australian comedian who does comedy songs. But it is the track Not Perfect that connected with me on more than a surface level.

The track talks about the earth, his house, his body and his brain and states that they are not perfect but they are his. A simple message but so important. We spend our lives wanting things to be perfect and as we are heading towards Christmas this will only get more pronounced. All the advertising will be telling us to work towards a perfect Christmas. But we all know that doesn’t exist.

In the words of Tim ‘it’s not perfect but it’s mine’. All the things we have are gifts in our lives that we should be grateful for. The world is ever changing and perfection does not exist. I would recommend listening to it and listening beyond the cheap laughs.

Life isn’t perfect. We aren’t perfect. All we can do is be grateful for the good things we have.

I would love to know the songs that matter to you and particularly the more unusual ones.

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