Press to Reset

Are we just running on a treadmill of our own making? Are we work obsessed? Do we have any work life balance? When I started to read David Sawyer’s book Reset: how to restart your life and get F.U. money I think I was in denial that there was a problem or that the book would be relevant to me. I was wrong.

The book made me take a critical look at where I was and what I was doing. It raised a number of issues and made me question my current approach to life. Sometimes it was quite uncomfortable as I came to a realisation through the guidance of the sections.

Reset has some great advice and pointers on how to declutter your life including a digital declutter which I know is something I really need to do. The financial elements are interesting but I am not driven by money. If I can earn enough to do what I want to outside of work and I am happy with my work then that brings a level of contentment. I am going to reread the financial sections to try and gain a clearer view of what I may need to do.

There is a lot I want to do outside of work but I still enjoy the work I do and being in the communication and PR business. My challenge is always to fit everything I want to do into 24 hours while allowing time for sleep. My mum often tells me off for doing too much but it is always because I enjoy doing the things or I am faced with a massive opportunity.

The 11 core principles were one of the most helpful and easy to take away elements of the book. If you only have a short amount of time then read that section and consider what it means for you.

I have read a lot of self help books over the years and they can be interesting but feel a world away from my life. David has managed to include elements of self reflection and self help within the familiar setting of PR and communication. We all need to look at how we are and who we are to find what David starts the book discussing and that is happiness.

It is a substantial assessment of how people can take some control of their lives and it raises interesting questions while also giving some plans and processes to try. If you are feeling a little lost in your career in your midlife at work then this may be able to help you find your way out or your way forward.

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