Reflections on blogtober

I am nearing the end of my #blogtober challenge and it has been a busy and interesting month. It hasn’t been particularly hard to write a blog every day and I have never been short of a subject to discuss.

It has reminded me that I love writing. It is a real passion and what I have always wanted to do as a job. Blogging is great and I really enjoy it but perhaps I need to take things one step further. I have lots of ideas in my head and I hope to move ahead with some of them.

There is something important in the discipline of setting a task or a challenge and then seeing it through. If I put my mind to do something then I will achieve it as I have the commitment and determination. I often forget how single-minded I can be. It can be a huge positive in my life if I maximise it.

I recognise that because of the work I do I can often focus on the negative and darker parts of life. I would never ignore that side because it is part of life but it helps me to look at the good things and the things I am grateful for.

My blogs are honest and from the heart and I hope that comes across. I write about what affects me or those around me and I do it with an openness. It has included facing some challenging truths about my life and work. I have written about the emotional parts of my life, the impact of my thought patterns and the importance of a strong support network.

Above all I have been so grateful for all the interaction and comments that I have had about the blogs throughout October. The comments and engagement have been amazing and have made it all worthwhile. I have one #blogtober blog left for tomorrow which I will save for a discussion linked to the #powerandinfluence Twitterchat tomorrow night. But for tonight a huge thank you for being part of my #blogtober experience.

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