Winter blues

This is the first night that really feels like winter. The darkness arrived early and with the cold biting the summer seems like a distant memory. As I was walking home I felt like the only person out and about as the curtains were shut and the heating was on.

It is a difficult time of year when we can feel isolated and even a little down with cold weather and an absence of sun. It is a long time until Christmas and we have the winter to battle through before the buds of spring.

So how can we manage to keep positive and cheery to navigate through winter?

The key for me is to enjoy the time at home by doing things that I enjoy like sketching or even needlepoint. I have the time to cosy up and get to use the time productively. In the past I have even done some on line study through winter.

You can help by being kind to yourself. Make sure you are having wholesome and warming food. Ensure you keep warm with the right clothes.

Book outings and events. This will give you something to look forward to and plan towards. At the moment I have a few concerts planned and I have just booked on a spring retreat which will be amazing. It is great to have some things to focus on.

If you have the winter blues or feel them coming on try to do some of the things I have mentioned and let me know if you feel better.

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