Patience and time

Trust is such an important part of life. Without it we will face an isolated existence in our little bubble away from society. After all why would we want to engage with others when they cannot be trusted?

We all have faced times when we have trusted someone and they have let us down. It leaves us upset and probably vowing not to trust anyone again. It is understandable but when we do trust and develop a relationships the rewards are immense.

I spent quite a bit of time tonight sitting next to my little rescue rabbit Digger. He came to us just over a year ago and had been through a traumatic start to his life. Building a bond with him was problematic. He didn’t want to trust anyone because he had been hurt before. It has taken a lot of time, patience and compassion for us to get to where we are now. But we can take steps backwards if something upsets him or there is some inconsistent behaviour.

Digger is no different to anyone who has been hurt or upset. It is the same for us in our lives we want some consistency and understanding at home and work.

For professional communicators trust is a very important concept. Brands that can be trusted will thrive as people have confidence in them. They will have a strong reputation that people buy into and want to be part of. People will want to do business with brands they trust.

How do you build trust? To start with you need honesty and integrity. You need to be consistent with whatever you stand for and show that you maintain things even when under pressure. Above all you need to have patience and time to build trust slowly over a number of years.

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