To be elected

In the words of Alice Cooper ‘I want to be elected’ or at least I hope that some people will think that as the nominations for the PRCA Council take place. It was this time last year that I decided to put myself forward to be part of the Council and it has been an interesting year.

To start with I have met a diverse range of people involved in PR and communication in all circumstances from sole consultants to in-house practitioners. It has definitely helped me to broaden my horizons and consider new things.

The Council meetings are a chance to step out of the hustle and bustle of working life and to discuss the issues that matter to the industry. Thinking time is something we could all do with in our lives.

In 2019 I have the absolute privilege of being the chair of the PRCA Council and I hope that during the 12 months we will be able to undertake some important work to support the industry. I see it as a chance to really make a difference and to leave a lasting impression.

We are going through interesting and challenging times with lots of opportunities. The speed of technology developments is transforming our work, global unrest and chance is putting us under pressure and our customers are more exacting and at the same time isolated. All these things may be part of the future discussion.

Nominations close on 1 November and after that the election will take place. You can find out more here . I hope you will consider joining me and being part of the PRCA Council in 2019. It will be time well spent.

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