From a different viewpoint

I missed last night’s Twitterchat on communication known as #Commschat because of my ongoing cold bug. But I caught up later and saw it was about social media and a content strategy. It was another interesting discussion with a range of viewpoints.

Among all the discussion about what to share, how to share it and when to share it there was a voice missing. The element we often forget as communicators is the voice of the audience or the people we are trying to reach. We get focused on what we want and can easily miss what matters to people.

In the financially difficult times we don’t put as much emphasis as we should on understanding what people think and not just those on social media. Getting online views can help but it is far from the full picture.

We may find that our wacky and innovative communication doesn’t land with the people we need to reach. It is easy to be caught up in our own world without getting that important viewpoint. And as PR struggles to be diverse we take our own background and assume it works for everyone else.

How should we address this? We need to ensure we have a diverse workforce and that we can involve differing perspectives in our planning and development. We need to find a way of connecting with key audiences and using that insight to make sure we are hearing all the voices. We need to stop trying to be clever and start to make sure we are achieving the required outcomes.

All our communication plans and content strategies will be worth nothing without listening to people.

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