In total agreement

Why we do what we do is down to many things. The discussion last night in the Twitterchat #PowerandInfluence was quite a personal one. It was considering whether PR and comms people can do their best work if they are working with a company whose approach conflicts with their ethical standards.

Any decisions on the work you will do is a matter for your own conscience and we should recognise we are all different. As a life long vegetarian and recent vegan j would never work for the meat marketing board or a chicken farm to promote their business. My personal beliefs are so strong I would feel conflicted on a daily basis.

Now I am in middle age I am also able to make decisions with less concern about financial implications. In my youth my principles cost me money on many occasions. But that is my choice.

One contributor last night said you can do better work when in conflict. I can see why. You will see all sides and be able to be detached from the work and potentially more objective.

For me where I choose to work has to be somewhere that I feel is valuable enough to have my time. It is why I have remained in the public sector for more then two decades. It doesn’t mean I will agree with everything that happens but the values of the business have to resonate wit my own for my best work.

But everyone is different and we should not judge others for their choices. We are all under the umbrella of PR and communication. We all make our own decisions and run our lives the way we want to. I would be interested to hear other views.

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