Showing your metal: Platinum launches

When the opportunity arose to be part of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) crowdsourced book I jumped at the chance to get involved. The end result of months of work coordinated expertly by Stephen Waddington is launched today.

Platinum is a book that charts the development of the CIPR and the PR profession. It is a journey that celebrates the achievements of 70 years of the CIPR and its members.

For my own part I chose to write about managing crisis communication now comparing it with how it was managed 20 years ago. I was incredibly grateful to former Ch Supt Louis Munn who reflected on his experience in dealing with the Dunblane tragedy to help me develop my chapter of the book.

When I joined the police service as a professional communicator almost 20 years ago crisis communication was relatively simple. An incident happened, the police would have the information, they would decide what to put out at what point and then when and how to update the media. In 2018 the situation is so much more complicated and that is what I attempt to cover in my contribution.

As I wrote my chapter it was in isolation and it is only recently that I have had the joy of reading the other contributions. In total there are 45 chapters covering all aspects of PR including:

“…perspectives, practice, performance, provocation and the future potential of the profession.

The PR profession has come so far since the CIPR was established 70 years ago and we now have a way to reflect on past, present and future through the eyes and minds of members.

Finally, the proceeds of Platinum will be given to the charity Iprovision the CIPR’s benevolent fund so you can know you are helping people. If you would like to find out more read the CIPR release here—celebrating-the-cipr-at-70/preview/03517f6c4a1ce9d8539da8c9fcc308eb3c30edfc

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