Time served

In communication and public relations roles people will tell you to move around and never overstay your welcome. I understand that in my early years I changed jobs every two years as I progressed. But I am concerned the industry looks down on those who remain in the same role or the same organisation for a significant amount of time.

I had a recent conversation with someone who was talking about people who stay for many years and that they may need a shake up or to move on. That person didn’t realise they were talking to exactly that kind of person as I have been in the same organisation for 17 years and the same role for the last decade.

There are lots of positives about this length of time in work. You can build up a positive reputation which can be recognised in the organisation. It can help you to get that coveted spot at the top table as a trusted advisor.

You get a chance to build a comprehensive knowledge of the business and how it works. This means the advice you give will be better and again more trusted. You can talk the language of the business leaders.

You will be able to know who is who and where the informal power lies. The networks and how to get things done informally will all be second nature. Employee engagement will be easier to address because of this organisational knowledge and awareness of the culture.

Don’t misunderstand me. I do think all this will be wasted unless you are focused on continuous professional development. You have to keep looking outside at the industry developments so you are best places to advise your employers.

Perhaps we should stop sneering and start to recognise the positives of time served.

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