We are going through changes

Change is a constant so why do we single it out for special consideration. Is it the pace of change now? Is it that the impact of the change is so significant? As human beings we just seem to struggle with change taking place.

Given the speed of modern life and how technology among other things is developing we should be equipping our young people with tools and techniques for managing change. It is not what is happening it is how we view it that is important and is what we can amend.

I have also begun to question whether there should be such a thing as change communication. If it involves staff then it is employee engagement and if it affects customers then it is external communication. Do we really need to single change communication out?

There are skills that people need to manage change but are those different to those required for effective communicators generally. People need to be able to analyse information and make it understandable, they need to be engaging, they need to be able to negotiate and influence, they need to understand behavioural change.

Like with all elements of communication people need to understand the theory and principles. But I would suggest that all communicators need to have this in their professional development.

Change is part of communication and change is part of life accept it and move on.

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