A bunny’s tale

It is 12 months ago his weekend that we took a trip up to Cumbria to see an unwanted rabbit in need of a new home. All we knew was that he had been in at least two homes in his four years and had been waiting for rehousing for months. In fact he had been six months looking for a new family in this latest stay awaiting adoption.

We met him full of expectation and he looked at us and refused to come out. When he did he tried to make a swift exit by bouncing away. But we fell in love with this quirky not so little bunny.

It has been a rollercoaster year. He has taken a lot to start to trust us and to realise that he won’t be going anywhere he is staying here. We don’t know the full story of his past but it has been one where people have not been very pleasant to him.

Slowly he has become relaxed at home and will even get giddy and do sizeable binkies. (For those that don’t know binkies are when the rabbit leaps in the air and twists and is a sign of happiness.) Our home has slowly transformed into Digger’s den and we are merely lodgers in his domain.

The past two months have been the worst and the best of our relationship. Two major operations have left him needing round the clock care and I have had many sleepless nights. But all the trips to the vet and medication have brought us closer together. Believe me after doing two hourly syringe feeding when he came home from surgery you get a strong bond.

We don’t know what the future will hold but we are enjoying every day with our bunny pal. Today will be his official birthday of finding his forever home. Happy birthday Mr Digger.

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