Remove the stigma

The workings of our minds are available only to us. If we have problems unless we decide to tell people they would never know. On World Mental Health Day it is worth remembering that we never know what other people are battling.

Mental health problems are not obvious like a broken leg or arm. It with the pressure of modern life more people are being affected even if in a small way.

I remember the problems I caused my mum particularly when I was growing up. I was not the easiest child and probably caused my mum a whole heap of stress she could have done without. Now I realise the mental anguish I could create but in my younger days it was something that would have never been discussed.

When I was just leaving my teenage years I had the horror of the first suicide of a friend. I had been through the teenage angst but this was a rude awakening to how turbulent life could be. Sadly I have had a number of experiences of people who have lost their lives through suicide. I am sure that despite the best efforts there will be more in the future.

Over the years I have come to realise that you have to look after your mental health in the same way as you do your physical health. It is important to do the things that help you out issues in perspective and to be in the moment. For me that is sketching where my brain can focus only on what is in front of me.

I rely heavily on having a support network that I can call upon and will be there in good times and bad. We all need that.

We need to feel comfortable talking about the issues and how we manage them so future generations can shake off the stigma of discussing mental health.

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