A job well done

Tonight I will be at our annual awards ceremony which is a prestigious event. It is an amazing uplifting experience recognising what people have done to help others.

In the public sector it is challenging to recognise good work if it is seen to be taking money away from the frontline. Tonight the event is made possible only because of the generosity of companies that have sponsored it.

When I am in the middle of work it is often difficult to see beyond the task in hand. This is why time to stop and reflect and reconnect with the frontline is so important. I am so incredibly proud to be part of this organisation in a very small way. Listening to the work that goes on every day and the benefit that it brings to local people.

All organisations must recognise the contribution of employees in some way. It is even more important at times of change and uncertainty. Saying thank you is vital and getting recognition needs to be part of our daily thought processes. This is not just for managers but for everyone who can highlight the efforts of colleagues.

This recognition was obvious from the two year old who left a note and sweets on a police car to say thank you. This warmed my heart today. Gratitude should be our attitude.

Well done to all the winners tonight but particularly the three parts of my comms team who were nominated, and to Rob Birkett and James Tym who won an award for the work with colleagues in our control room to establish the livechat facility on the website.

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