Four paws good

Many readers of this blog will know that one of the passions in my life are my animal companions. For as long as I can remember animals have played an important part in my life.

It all started with a guinea pig called Cheeky when I was at primary school. She was my first proper pet and was a brave little character. From that point I can’t think of a time when animals haven’t been in my life.

Today is World Animal Day and it is a time to remember the valuable part that our four legged friends play. It is easy for us to take it for granted that they are in our lives but they can easily object if they want to. I know that with my giant 18.1h horse he can make it really clear if he isn’t happy with things.

All our animal companions want is love, care and attention. They will repay this with unconditional love. Why would we neglect to care for them? I struggle to understand it but I know that it is going on all day, every day and somewhere an animal is suffering.

I often joke that I would sell a kidney if I needed to fund veterinary treatment for one of my animals (mainly the horse because of the size of the bills!). Today my equine soulmate has had treatment for arthritis and I will pay the bill without thinking twice. It isn’t easy. We go without things to ensure our animals can have the best care. We reorganise our lives to make sure they are happy.

My animal pals come to us as rescue cases, unwanted and thrown out by someone. There are many animals looking for new homes and they have so much to give if they are given a chance. So on World Animal Day I am remembering all the furry friends I have had and particularly the ones that share my days at the moment.

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