Keep your eye on the squirrel

I know that is an odd phrase but someone used it almost two decades ago and it stuck in my mind. It is so easy to set off on a journey knowing where you are going only to get distracted and take a detour.

It is the same with life generally. We often know where we want to be only to let other things take our focus away. Many times we shift our focus onto what is incidental. This is done at our peril because we start to value what is not important.

So how do we tackle this? If our distraction is positive then that is one thing but if it drains us we need to deal with it. I am sure there are many self help books out there that may help with this issue. My advice is borne out of what I try to do myself.

Throughout my life I have been single minded and clear where I wanted to be. I wanted to be a journalist. I then wanted to run a communication department. I got where I wanted to be but only because I kept reminding myself where I was going and everything I did had to help me on the road towards the goal.

Even now I do a regular review of what is important and what I want to do. I look at where my life is and what is going on. I check to ensure my efforts are being focused in the right way on the right things.

I try something new when I can so I can stretch myself and keep moving forward. It may work or it may not work but there is always a huge amount of learning along the way.

Life is busy, fast and challenging it is easy to become overwhelmed. When we feel like that remember the squirrel and where you want to be.

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