Another day, another month

In the blink of an eye we have reached the 10th month of 2018. It is suddenly October and the start of my #blogtober challenge again. (For those that don’t know blogtober is when I will blog every day during the month.) It makes me wonder what I have achieved during this year. It also makes me think about what is important to me and is my priority.

Sometimes just getting by day by day and week by week is a major accomplishment. It all depends on where you are and what impacts on your life.

This year has brought plenty of ups and downs and more recently quite a lot of visits to the vet. It has been stressful but my animal companions are worth all the time, effort and at times heartache.

On the work front I have been privileged to serve my first year on the PRCA Council and as Vice-chair. I have been able to do my first Chartered assessment days for the CIPR. I have been lucky enough to be invited to Norway twice including attending the Global PR Forum.

Alongside all this I have started to draw again which has been very relaxing. I have increased my meditation and been to a retreat. I have learnt more about holistic healing for animals. Finally I am heading into my tenth month as a vegan.

There is still a lot that I want to do and tasks that need to be completed but 2018 hasn’t been too bad so far. I have kept some balance in all the parts of my life and reached some important milestones and goals. My plan is to keep ploughing forward for the next three months.

Tell me what you are proud to have achieved in 2018.

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