What is in a name

It is interesting to see that the whale in the Thames this week was very quickly given a name. I am assuming that this is a media construct but it would be interesting to trace the origins.

The modern world view of animals is confused and fractured. We use, eat and wear some and we share our homes and lives with others. I am not using this blog to make any particular morale or philosophical points. But when we name animals they take on a very different place in our lives.

This is a useful point for all communicators to remember. Personality, people and humanity are what matter. Finding that in the situations we are dealing with is essential. If it is a problem then how are we recognising the impact on people and rectifying or minimising it. If it is a new product or service how does it help people in their modern lives. If it is an internal issue how is it going to support the workforce.

Talking about policies, products and procedures in isolation of the human link will leave people cold. Everyone remembers Boaty McBoatface which was humanising a ship. It captured the imagination because it stopped being an inanimate object and started to have a personality.

When we are faced with a challenge or project it is worth remembering that the thing that really matters is the humanity of the situation. Even if it just giving something a name it can change our perception.

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