What really matters?

It is easy to get busy and caught up in your own world. The daily rush to get to work, to complete tasks, to do the chores at home can all occupy all our thinking time. It can be about weather we got that pay rise or the new job. We want the latest fashions, car and to have the perfect life.

But when you strip it away what is really important to you? What would you ache inside if you lost?

Today is World Gratitude Day and a chance to think about what really matters to you and remembering to say thank you.

Some years ago I was going through a tough time. I have been quite open about it because I went to see a life coach. It was bit at all like it is represented on TV nor was it an American experience. It was a chance to consider my thoughts, believes and values and find what was working and what was creating discord in my life.

It was the start of a journey that I am still on but was one that got me thinking about what was really important to me. One of my tasks was to write a gratitude journal. It is something I am still doing most days around four or more years on fro that initial coaching meeting.

It really helps. After a tough day you can forget how lucky you are to have things that you value. Writing them down is a way of emphasising them to you. It is like when I used to write things down to help me revise. It sticks in my head. It becomes what I remember from the day. Keeping the journal has helped me through dark days. Those are the days when it is the hardest to write and those are the days when it is most important to write it.

So today on World Gratitude Day I will be writing a long list of everything that I am grateful for. It will include family and friends and my beautiful animal companions but also the small things like the arrival of my new little bunny ornament and having a lovely breakfast this morning.

How lovely would the world be if we all took the time today to say thank you to at least one person or thing that we are grateful for? Tell me what you are grateful for I would love to hear.

*Note the photo is of my rabbit Digger who has had a tough month or so – I couldn’t be more grateful that he came into our lives and is still with us

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