A little issue of ethics

Even though I am on a week holiday from work I have still had a few days littered with some key discussions about communication and public relations. The focus has been on ethics and the role communicators should have in the conscience of the organisation.

Tonight I took part in the #powerandinfluence Twitterchat about whether PR is, or should be, the conscience of the business. Opinion was definitely divided and it is understandable why. After all do we really want to take on the responsibility of this for the whole organisation. But we do need to be able to advise and have the confidence of those senior people in the business.

It is the communication professionals that have to have the credibility to be able to recognise and speak out about the Emperor’s new clothes. This puts us under significant pressure but if we don’t do it we will never have the confidence in us as professionals.

Earlier this week I discussed ethics and PR with a range of professionals. There was a universal recognition that we have to reclaim our position and operate to the highest standards. The future of the profession depends on it. Why would you choose a profession that is frowned on and looked down on? The next generation need to take on the work to operate ethically and demonstrate the positive impact we can have.

Both the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations and Communication Association (PRCA) have put a huge emphasis on ethics and quite rightly are prompting the discussion. Now is our time to take on that conversation and push the communication business forward.

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