At different stages

There was an interesting article I read on the PR Moment website today about the three stages of a PR career. You can read it here

I am definitely in phase three which gets only a brief mention. Having been through the early stages when I started my PR career and then developing in the world of police communication now comes the strategic board level interaction.

This is a massive challenge, as much as the demand from the early years when I was trying to find my way. Now people expect me to know everything, to be on top of everything and to do it all with an unwavering sense of calm. I have to know about all the latest developments and to have a detailed knowledge of the business I am advising.

I am expected to be an expert negotiator, a coach, a risk manager and a visionary. In a business everyone will look to you for advice and guidance; from the staff you manage through to the CEO.

Don’t misinterpret me I love my job but it is far from a time in my life when I can put my feet up and have a rest. It is testing on a daily basis. It isn’t going to be something that everyone will want to do. People need to think carefully as taking a strategic lead role can have a significant impact on your life.

The PR Moment article ends with a reminder to people to always keep a good work life balance throughout their careers. It is a timely reminder but one that becomes even more difficult to achieve as you enter the third phase of your career.

I wonder what the fourth phase of my career will be? Whatever happens I am ready for it and am looking forward to it.

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